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  • Comprehensive IP Management Software

    JSK IP Suite is a comprehensive IP Management software which provides you with a complete solution to manage all your IP cases at one place.
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  • For IP Law Firms & Individual Attorneys in India

    JSK IP Suite is developed for all IP Law professionals in India, from large IP Law Firms to an individual IP Attorney and start-ups. Everyone can easily afford to have such an advanced software to manage their IP Law practice.

    JSK IP Suite is divided into four core IP modules, and each one of them is available separately e.g. if your practice is limited to Trademarks, you can opt only for the Trademark Management System and save money.
  • Anywhere Access (Cloud, Web & Office)

    JSK IP Suite is a genuinely portable software solution and you can use it from anywhere at anytime using your browser without installing it on each and every PC.
    • Use from our cloud server, or your own private cloud server
    • Install on your web server or any computer within your office
    • No installation required on each PC/Laptop
    • Access from any device such as PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone
    • Access from any system such as Windows, Mac, Linux etc.
  • Low Cost Solution - No Annual Maintenance

    JSK IP Suite is a branded software developed for the large community of IP Law Firms and IP Attorneys all across India. The broad user-base has allowed us to keep the prices low and affordable to everyone.
    • Pricing packages to suit your needs.
    • One-time licensing available. No need for annual maintenance.
    • Access from any device such as PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone
    • Access from any system such as Windows, Mac, Linux etc.

Pricing Plans - Trademark and Patent Management Software Packages

JSK IP Suite is developed for larger user base, from an individual IP Attorney to a large IP Law Firm. We have adjusted the packages and pricing of the Trademark Management and Patent Docketing & Managent softwares according to your specific needs.

JSK IP Suite is available as both Cloud and Hosted versions. The details of the same are as under. Please click on the link to view the details.

Hosted Version (Install on your own Web Server or Office Server):
Host JSK IP Suite on your server without restrictions on number of records

Cloud Version (Pay Per Use)
Pay only for as much as you use without worrying about installation and maintenance of the software.

 * GST will be added to the above prices, as applicable

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